What I Do

I help people connect.

Communications is about connection — you need to find your people, engage their attention, speak clearly, and deliver what they want (be it a product, information, a path …). Marketing, Writing, and Design do just this. When done right, people want you and your products. Find a communications pro who can do all three really, really well, from concept to completion, or as part of a successful current strategy, and share your message, or grow your business.

Hi! Have we met? I’m my best when creating independently yet collaborating in a culture that welcomes fresh and data-driven ideas and whose work inspires to build a better world.

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Below are highlights of my experience.


Marketing Manager
Legend Manufacturing

2021 – ongoing

Social media strategy, content creation, and daily posts with customer engagement. Launched monthly newsletter and employee recognition program. Media relations, vendor managment, purchasing, event planning.

Head of Digital Marketing (remote),
Spirituality & Health Magazine

2014 – 2019

Wrote short-form web aritcles and long-form print essays and health stories. Led social media efforts, served as web content manager and SEO analyst, and served as Editor of an innovative new print and web section! Communicated three new product launches and produced interactive app of print magazine. +

Designer/Copyeditor, Record-Eagle

2013 – 2014

Designed 11+ avg/night newspages and cover designs on deadline using virtual collaboration tools across timezones. Write newsworthy headlines and photo captions. AP style-check and edit for space/priority.

Communication and Design, Self-Employed

2019 – 2021

Ad hoc and contract marketing services for businesses and individuals. Complete branding packages for 3 start-up companies, infographics and event displays, social media banners and personal invitations, web design and content management. Recently I’ve been ghostwriting and proofreading books!

Communications Specialist, State of Michigan

2008 – 2012

Writer and editor of customer and internal newsletters. Lead designer and digital communications expert in 14-person communications team with 560k+ customer base. Project manager of multimedia communication plans during legislation reform and plan launches.


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