Get to know me.

I’m a communications expert with over a decade of experience in fast-paced, virtual and collaborative offices. I feel “digital nomad” is a bit overused — I’m a mother (my son is nearly 3) and professional artist keeping an adventurous family life, and creative ambition, balanced.

I’ve worked in many communications roles from penning personal essays while living abroad for a print wellness magazine, designing layouts and illustrations for award-winning newspapers, translating legislative jargon for public education, and even creating social media infographics for law enforcement. I’ve written blogs for millennial powerhouse website Elephant Journal, interviewed gurus and recovering addicts, and taught yoga in a yurt. 

Colleagues have praised my “keen communication intuition” and “best time management skills ever” and vouched for my ability to deliver results and contribute a positive, enjoyable energy to work teams. I’ve over 6 years of successful remote work that has helped to create my joy-filled life. 👉 I’m currently looking for the right opportunity to expand and grow professionally—and ready to dig my heels into ground and create a long-term home—let’s connect.

Note the art on this site is by Rish Agarwal and Steven Lasry, and are images of the Kashmir and Ladakh regions in north India. Grateful to work anywhere in this beautiful world, such as here, where my family hoped to again be in the summer of 2020, before the world took a pause. Now, one day it will make for an amazing adventure vacation spot. We’re saving up now!